I’ve been feeling this way for a while and I know I’m not the only one

I’m just gonna come out and say it: I’ve never felt so down in my life. There’s a real hopelessness and uncertainty about things at the moment. It’s hard to explain but I feel a huge pressure or something over me, even when the sun is out (which is rare in Galway) and I’m at the beach, there’s still a feeling of a dark cloud hanging over me. Things in my life aren’t exactly great at the moment with family, finances, and my current living situation among other things, but the lockdown and restrictions have definitely multiplied my sadness exponentially since March.

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Did they ever consider that Irish culture and identity would be so undermined?

I went for a walk in the park yesterday and there were some beautiful trees that people had carved their names and the names of their friends and lovers into from many years ago. And some people had dated the carvings, I saw years like 1997, 1986 and 1977. All etched in time within the bark of those long-lived trees. The mighty oak trees themselves no doubt had many a story to tell.

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Why I Marched On Saturday

As many of you know, I have ME disease. I have a compromised immune system. ME disease is an auto-immune disease. My body is attacking itself. I have a great many complex untreatable symptoms. Cytokines flow around my body causing all manner of mayhem. I take a cocktail of meds to manage my symptoms. There is no cure for ME disease.

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Testing Asymptomatic Schoolchildren Risks Psychological Harm

Dear Editor

What is sadly missing from the medical discussion is an acknowledgement that terrifying asymptomatic children (and their parents) into believing that, despite feeling perfectly well, they harbour a deadly virus, that they are powerless in the face of this threat from within their own bodies, that they might die or cause their friends and family to die, merely by being near them, will inevitably lead to psychological trauma.

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Schools and Facemasks

FIRSTLY, I advise all parents to try their best to keep their child safe while equally respecting the rights and care of others (including teachers) also attending a same school or other location. All teachers should equally be respected in regards to trying to maintain their own health and that of their own family. Where necessary, please try to use medical suggested advice.
FOR THE RECORD: I hold a teaching qualification, myself.
This post is NOT an attack on teachers. It is a post about the protection of fundamental basic rights, a possible reply to the rare few at top levels of our education department who are exaggerating, law overreaching and frankly, not being straight with parents.
I fully support good, hard working teachers. The country is thankfully awash with them. The vast majority are good people who often does unpaid work at home to the additional work they do in their work place, but not just see it as that - but see teaching as a true vocation - not just a basic job. I thank them greatly for their continuous great efforts to educate others despite been often government hampered in many ways.

Ultimately we all want the same thing...

Our basic human rights, to be healthy, happy and enjoy a quality of life. So we all have the same goal in mind, even though we may sometimes disagree on how to achieve it. We have now been robbed of 6 months of our lives, that's 6 months we will never get back. We are systematically being stripped of our basic rights and freedoms.

Proof is emerging that we have been lied to and deceived by our elected (and non-elected) leaders. I believe it's time to exercise our right to say "No"
I am concerned that people are being labelled conspiracy theorists, simply because they question certain government, corporate and industrial motives, or because they question the arbitrary laws that revoke our basic human rights.

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The Government is not working

They said a coalition of FF & FG in government would never work. This government is not working. It is a government that lost the plot before it got out of the starting block. Now less than a wet day in office, you'd have to ask yourself—what planet are they on? People are angry, because people don't want to be treated like fools. People vote in a government to serve the people, not to talk down to the people, telling people that the daft proposals the government make actually make sense. And if the people think they are daft, the people must be stupid.

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