The Truth Is Offensive

I believe that in a free society, the ordinary man or the ordinary citizen should be able to determine his own needs and self interests, and pursue those interests without the threat of force or coercion.

But modern Ireland is not that free society, I believe I am part of a minority. I am a person who values truth evidence and reason, I value freedom and personal responsibility I love my country, I am a right wing thinker.

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From a German: It's Important That You Remember Your Strength! Read Your History

I am German. I live in Ireland. Now I am in Spain for the winter.

I left Germany many years ago as I did not feel free there anymore. Too many rules and regulations.

Till the Covid farce hit the world I felt home in Ireland as it felt so free compared to Germany. Now I am sad and shocked to see how ireland handles the Covid situation. How the corrupt government sells it's people and foreigners living there.

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Internet killed the TV star

One may suspect, that since the growth in popularity of internet (with its wide range of easily available and accessible) information pools, as well as ever decreasing interest in (less and less relevant, thus until recently still) mainstream media in Ireland, some sort of a deal occured between the state and the media; where an agreement was made, for the media to propagandize and do PR stunts in alignment with state wishes in return for funds aquired by TV licencing fees. We don't have to look far to find substantial evidence of state media doing PR (public relations) stunts to raise support numbers for state actors in Ireland.

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COVID-19 FACTS IRELAND - A letter to all TD’s

To: All TD’s and Councillors in Ireland

Dear Sir/Madam
I am writing to you as I feel a duty to bring some focus back to the science and data around this Covid-19 issue. The current approach that government and advisory panels are driving, is increasingly inexplicable when considering the science and the data. It is becoming obvious that we need to foster more open discussion on the big picture here. Is there a good technical reason to continue with the current level of, quite frankly, destructive interventions?

Sean Kilkenny: If You Want Your Business To Survive Then Its Up Too You - the wait is over

Sean Kilkenny

Sean Kilkenny has been very vocal since the beginning of the lockdown and the PUP payment.
He is a self employed man, he runs stables in Tuamgranney and a runs a vintage carriage business operating out of the grounds of Dromoland Castle.

In early July he taken his horse-drawn carriage all the way to the Dáil, in protest of the messures and the effect of the governments actions on his Business, family and livestock.

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This day 26th of August 1913 Ireland was a country in turmoil

This day 26th of August 1913 Ireland was a country in turmoil, divided by the issue of Home Rule – self-government for the country. Against this backdrop, a violent industrial conflict took centre stage.

On August 26th1913, Dublin workers began to leave work in response to a call for a general strike from James Larkin. Many employers began to lock their gates and prevent their staff from returning to work.

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