A Little Word Of Caution

Joe Biden is a 78 year old man about to take control of a country with more guns than people as it enters a recession of epic proportions. Healthcare and 401k pension funds are on the absolute brink of bankruptcy.

James Conway ImageThe promise to the American people of manufacturing returning is ridiculous, as automation has made it unnecessary for a large workforce to be needed and the far east is cheaper for labour. For all those who hate Donald Trump and all he represents, in relation to Ireland for 4 years straight he welcomed irish leaders with open arms, he was critical of china and rightfully so, they have destroyed western society within 30 years of accepting a pseudo capitalism.

I see so many people online bashing trump and even though i despise the way he operates at times in office, he created jobs, he hired he fired, he has more conservative judges lifetime appointments done than any other president.

To think that a strange old man who's hobbies seem to consist of accepting foreign funding, plagiarising welsh miner speeches smelling small children's scalps and playing Despacito to Mexicans is going to leave America and Ireland in a better place is a little bit stupid, in fact its borderline idiotic.

Watch this space; America now has to deal with a financial meltdown so big its almost biblical because the Russians Iranians and Chinese have completely undermined the Petrodollar.

Well done democrats you have just picked up the bomb and are now heading for a crowded street with it, poor move very poor move.

An a full lot of critical thinking was required in this election and shame on the mainstream media for not even attempting to administer an unbiased lead up.

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