The Effects Of Ban On Non Essential Goods

Read the real effects from the goverments ban on "Non Essential Goods".Can’t buy pyjamas, slippers etc. for relatives going to hospital or nursing homes. Can’t buy shoes for kids, or a winter coat. What is going on here and why are the majority of TDs saying nothing to challenge these highly questionable activities?


A woman on Ocean FM Said: A lady had to take her mother to hospital in Galway yesterday travelling from Sligo for a scan . Her mother had to drink 2 pints of fluid for the scan . They left the hospital and unfortunately the lady soiled herself in the car probably brought on by the fluids she had to take for the scan.

The listener went to Eyre Square Shopping Centre with the hope that she could buy underwear and Jeans or trousers for her mother in Dunnes Stores but because of Level 5 Restrictions this was not possible. The toilets were closed and the listener couldn't get anywhere to try and clean up her mother.

Eventually after talking to a Security Guard in the Shopping Centre they were allowed use a toilet to get her mother cleaned up after getting some Hygiene Products in a Pharmacy.

There were shops selling ice cream, sweet shops opened but no Public Toilets, no clothes on sale in the Centre. They could not travel home to Sligo and had to book into an hotel for the night. The receptionist in the hotel advised the listener where she would get underwear, Pyjamas and trousers for her mother.

It was an embarrassing experience for them trying to get into a Public Toilet, getting hygiene products to clean her mother, looking for clothes .

Rachel Byrne written: I was in work today and one of our service users was in pain because of an infection in the foot and it has swollen, their runners are hurting them as a result ... I went over to Tesco To get the kid a pair of slippers.

I could see slippers hanging up in the shelf but the entire clothes section was closed off. I asked the member of staff to grab me a pair of slippers and she said she couldn’t.

I then told her it wasn’t for me I showed her my support worker badge and explained that I work with kids with special needs and I told her why one of these kids needed the slippers, she still couldn’t help, I asked for the manager, the manager came down and told me the very same.

No we can’t sell slippers we can’t sell non essential items.

I explained the same to her why I needed these pair of slippers and she still couldn’t help. Now tell me this: A pair of slippers were an essential item today for that kid.

How can the government justify what is and is not essential to others. Alcohol is not essential to me , but is essential to another.

Dog and cat toys are not essential to some but some people do find them important. Slippers are not essential to all, but they were essential for this kid.
Let’s get our heads out of our holes and stand up and stop allowing this government to make a mockery of us. Absolutely shameful

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