Unite and Say No!

It’s criminal what our Government are doing to Ireland and it’s people on this day Monday 19th October 2020. These elected politicians, Michael Martin, Leo Varadkar, Eamon Ryan, Mary Lou McDonald, Tony Holahan, Simon Harris, Stephen Donnelly and Paul Reid head of the HSE department, are implementing a level 5 lockdown for six weeks.


A lockdown that tomorrow, will close every bar and restaurant, every retailer, every hair and beauty salon, flower, thrift, gift shop and fashion shops, to prevent the spread of a Corona Virus. A virus that has been proven to be no more deadly than the regular flu. But with the power of the World Media that advertised in January 2020 the footage of people dying, it managed to spread the desired fear and call it a pandemic, instead of the normal Winter flu season. And now our elected leaders dangle Human Being’s liberty like it’s theirs to dispose of.

Trusting law-abiding citizens are putting their whole lives on hold on the guidance of these Criminals. The vilest of deeds to manipulate and deceive a weak nation. A nation that was purposely weakened for this day of our destruction. What fools we were in 2007 when we thought that the ’Crash’ came innocently after seven short year’s of prosperity and boom, when in fact it was the first part of a Master Plan in the destruction of our Sovereign State.

So who are they and why do they want to destroy Ireland’s Sovereignty? It’s easy for me to understand why anyone would want to disband our Nation. We have one heck of a beautiful country. We have large families who are rebellious with great support for each other, our friends and our neighbours. We are Christian. We’re hard-working. We’re loyal, we are United and connected. And until we joined the EU, we had a government who was elected by the people and worked for the people. That, unfortunately, is when it all changed for the Irish people.

The EU had bigger ideas for us at that time but only a select few got to know and sign agreement to those plans. Although the EU began by working on introducing changes into our education system for how they wanted our Irish children to be taught, the 2007 crash was the first dent in the hard-working middle-class construction industry. It annihilated the Irish Independent builder and weakened their ability of strength, voice and financial power.

It took twelve years for any construction department to begin to level out and gain a level of survival in the business. But the people behind the 2007 crash were watching and waiting for the next part of their plan. They were prepared to pay great amounts of money and offer major career opportunities to those who could be swayed in our demise, destroy the rest of the middle classes and enforce a more controlled order, because poor people are easier to contol. And who are these people looking for the rigid control of humanity?

The Green Globalists and their hidden bosses in the guise of a troubled planet have decided that now is the time to restrict useless jobs, useless people and useless eating, to make way for their impatient entry of robot AI technology revolution. It’s very obvious to me and to many others that less people are needed in this new AI technology Revolution and that this COVID 19 is the guise to implement this New World Order.

It’s all there in the amendments of our Constitution to enable the destruction of mankind such as abortion and assisted suicide. The masks on teenagers in school, home educating for college kids and work from home for our graduates is all a ploy to De-socialize and make difficult the creation of a unit, or a family. Because family is the core of the Irish Sovereignty. And they need to destroy us. It’s a very worrying time for all of us who know the plan for our family and friends. We have tried to share the truthful information for some time now, so that people have a chance to fight for their survival.

For some reason it’s not getting through. They believe a mandatory COVID vaccine would release them from lockdown and have no untoward agenda, which those of us who researched know only too well it’s intention. I’m so worried for the children. They are now locked in schools where parents have no rights. The purpose of their education is only to be compliant, germ phobic and fearful.

Their parents stand idly by and do not defend their offspring. I’m so worried for the old people, locked away in nursing homes, bored out of their minds and lonely, no family member brave enough to stand up for them. There is a dark Winter ahead for the people of Ireland at the hands of our Government. And our people are weakened from life, work, bills, family, stress. They have no fight in them. But all it would take is some gut instinct or common sense to know that this is all wrong.

There is no pandemic. Unite and say ’No!’ And then it would be all over. Jean xxx

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