My opinion on COVID

I will honestly to the best of my ability share my opinion. I am happy to put up my hand and say I was wrong if what I say turns out to be incorrect.
I believe that there is a coronavirus sweeping the world since the end of last year. The origin of this virus is still unknown. At this stage it doesn’t really matter how it began, it’s how we deal with it that matters.


I believe that in Ireland we reached the peak of the pandemic mid April. I believe that in the middle of 2021 when the final calculations are done for this year’s death rate it won’t vary significantly from other years. I believe that older people and people with medical conditions had their lives cut short prematurely, In many cases by a few weeks, some by a few months and a small minority by over a year.

I believe that the government response in Ireland was based on Neo liberal principles, let’s use the crisis to enrich our corporate benefactors.
I believe that the concern shown by the government for the health of the nation is 100% false. If they were so concerned about the welfare of the citizens of this country they would have tackled the trolley crisis years ago and provided the necessary operations for sick children instead of leaving them suffer indefinitely.

I believe the government is deliberately using this crisis to exert greater control over the population and because people are living in fear they are relinquishing their human rights and civil liberties that would otherwise have not been possible. I believe that it will take at least a decade to repair the damage done to the economy which will have the knock on effect of causing further deterioration of our health system because of lack of funding.

I believe that there is going to be a surge in deaths because of delayed diagnosis and treatment of patients. I personally have not been made aware by word of mouth of a single Covid death since the start of the summer. I was told about 6 Covid deaths by friends and acquaintances in April.

This week I have been told about three separate suicides in the last fortnight, friends of friends. I agree with Dr Feeley who was forced to resign his position from the HSE when he says the vulnerable should be shielded and everyone else should get on with living.

I believe the tide is turning. Scientists from reputable universities and doctors are now starting to speak out in increasing numbers and it is going to be more and more difficult for the government to enforce restrictions without turning the country into a police state. In summary, there is a virus at large and we have a duty of care to ensure we don’t spread it to the vulnerable.

We also have a duty of care to ourselves to ensure that when this virus has passed we still have our human rights and civil liberties intact. We also have a duty of care to the hundreds of thousands who will be made redundant, face evictions and suffer extreme poverty arising from lockdown.
2020 is a turning point in the history of the country and in the history of the world.

Life will never be the same again, we are on a new trajectory. The more we practice the principles of kindness, mercy and justice in all our affairs the greater our chance of creating a better world for ourselves and our children and grandchildren. We must listen respectfully to each other, nobody has the monopoly on truth.


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