I’m not Crazy, I’m desperate

I know all my friends and family and neighbours out there think I’m gone crazy of late and I’ve lost my mind. You might be thinking it’s another breakdown. I can assure you, it’s not a breakdown as my mental health is strong and focused with The help of God. But I am crazy. Those who know me well know that.


As a kid in school I stood up to strict teachers and bullies. I wasn’t afraid to take a punch off my dad when I stayed out late. Growing older has given me the freedom to be who I am. I haven’t been using this platform to get likes. That is not important to me. But because I care about all of my friends and family, I have been trying to get you to see what is not obvious to you. And it’s not about our age group, The fifties and sixties.

We’ve had a decent life of education, freedom and travels. This is about our young, the twenty five downwards and the Old, the seventies upwards. Our Children and Grandchildren’s normal life of education, work and a social life has been taken away and it is never coming back. There will be never a young adult on a college campus again. Our old people are being purposely denied human contact from their loved ones. This will kill them of a broken heart. You all have the power to stop this. The truth of what’s really going on is everywhere for you to find.

It is no excuse that you didn’t see it on RTE, that you stand by and allow the cull of our people and our economy. It doesn’t matter what you think of me, but I have never told a lie in my life and I am not lying to you now.

Please, please for your Grandchildren, for your Old people. Start protecting them against our Government’s Crimes against them.


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