Why I Marched On Saturday

As many of you know, I have ME disease. I have a compromised immune system. ME disease is an auto-immune disease. My body is attacking itself. I have a great many complex untreatable symptoms. Cytokines flow around my body causing all manner of mayhem. I take a cocktail of meds to manage my symptoms. There is no cure for ME disease.

Living with ME disease

Most days I don't get dressed. I don't shower. My hair gets washed once a month. Standing is difficult - a typical ME symptom, something bad happens when we stand. I have fever symptoms - freezing cold or body sweats. I have chronic all over body pain.
Managing my mental health is a daily challenge. ME stole my career and my life. I have cried a river.

How Did I March On Saturday?

I made the decision to March in Dublin on Sat 12th September. Most of the time, I am too ill to leave my own home. It took a lot of medication to get me to Dublin. I stayed over because I knew I would not have the energy to travel back to Tipp.

Why Did I March On Saturday?

Ireland is in big big trouble. We have a grave and terrifying recession coming at us like a train. The small man will lose out. Small businesses will be forced to close their doors forever. I felt no fear marching in the open air alongside 1000s of other kind, caring and courageous people. People who think. People who see.

I marched because our State is abusing their power - and it is rural Ireland that will pay the price. Our mental health is under fire. Our pubs are under fire. We cannot go to a GAA pitch to stand in the open air to watch our parish play in a county final?


Wake up people. Fear is paralysing our minds, our hearts and our country. We are being lied to. The gardai are coming to our rural pubs - chasing away 3 aul lads having a pint and a chat? When the gardaí come to my door demanding to know who is inside? Well it won't go well for them. I have my copy of Bunreacht na hEireann. You cannot make laws that seek to disappear our Constitutional rights. Stop with the fear. The Plague is not going to come down your chimney to get you.

Source: https://www.facebook.com/anne.brennan.14418/posts/10160206476093496


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