The Government is not working

They said a coalition of FF & FG in government would never work. This government is not working. It is a government that lost the plot before it got out of the starting block. Now less than a wet day in office, you'd have to ask yourself—what planet are they on? People are angry, because people don't want to be treated like fools. People vote in a government to serve the people, not to talk down to the people, telling people that the daft proposals the government make actually make sense. And if the people think they are daft, the people must be stupid.


One day they are going to raid your home if a neighbour pops in when there are already six visitors in your house. Today they want restaurants and pubs to hold on to your personal data for 28 days. That's if you happened to have gone in somewhere for your dinner. Inconvenient for business perhaps but inconvenient, bad or stupid as that might be, isn't it illegal under European law? Surely Government must consider GDPR regulations.

What planet is a government on if it thinks its normal for one person to spend at least €25 in a coffee shop. You'd overdose on caffeine or eat an awful lot of buns. Madness dressed up as an initiative to help struggling businesses. Then claim back your tax they say, it is simple... Get a phone, download an app, take a photo, rub your belly and sing ring a ring a rosie three times backwards. Simple. Anyone can do it! Next week it could be an offence if you see a magpie and don't salute and spit to ward off the bad luck — spitting on the other hand could result in a sentence of six months. Six months membership of one of these political parties for a breach of covid guidelines.

I jest! FG followed FF in becoming the laughing stock of Europe after the economic crash by responding to the paymaster's command to jump by saying how high? Now we have become the boot boy of Europe, leaving the block without a Trade Commissioner. Golfgate embarrassed all EU countries, it embarrassed the Commission but most of all we embarrassed ourselves by the scandal. The role of Commissioner needs to be filled urgently but this Government dithers, dithers and dithers some more. No wonder Micheal Marlin says there is no strain in Ireland's relations with Europe."


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