The Truth Is Offensive

I believe that in a free society, the ordinary man or the ordinary citizen should be able to determine his own needs and self interests, and pursue those interests without the threat of force or coercion.

But modern Ireland is not that free society, I believe I am part of a minority. I am a person who values truth evidence and reason, I value freedom and personal responsibility I love my country, I am a right wing thinker.


When you formulate opinions based on such characteristics, particularly on social media, you pop up on the radar and for all the wrong reasons. There is a growing number of people in Ireland who find the truth offensive, I were being inclinded to believe at this stage that they make up a large majority. Such people have pronouns in their bio which are surrounded by rainbow flags Palestinian flags and unicorns. They are the blue-haired diversity, loving opposition to the truth and not only the truth but the very speech used to formulate it, they are our politicians, journalists, educators, our students and our charitable NGOs.

 Why am I here?
I am here because I cannot pursue what is meaningful in my own life, without being bullied or without being threatened those who preach love not hate have forcefully entered my life, and they seek to deranged or destroy the things that I hold dear.

What do I hold dear?
I hold the truth dear, I hold the process by which I discovered the truth dear. Freedom of speech.  Freedom of speech is the very tool we use to make sense of what we observe and how to solve problems; Those in power, the people I just described seek to create a sterile environment the ultimate space free from offense or dangerous ideas.

You might think at this stage that I'm fucking insane or overreacting. I didn't know how bad things were until I entered the realm of social media, Twitter in particular. I attended several public talks and free speech rallies over the past few months, most of the events were met with opposition, loud, angry, hostile people made up that opposition, and those people proudly shared proof of their activities on platforms like Twitter; and those Twitter accounts belong to our politicians, our journalists, educators,students, and NGOs.  

A bunch of so-called anti-fascists leftist activists, with a dangerous amount of power, and if you attempt, like I did, to challenge their ideas opinions or  policy prescriptions you're in trouble; Your own opinions will be dissected and categorized, argument will be replaced with name-calling, that's just how they put a target on your back, the truth won't matter anymore because it will only serve to help you attack their ideas. They don't play fair while you stick to the truth they'd spread lies and if you don't shut up they will mock you, every scrap of information in your personal life will be posted online.

Your job will likely be contacted, the anti-fascists will use every tool in the bag, not only to silence you, but to ruin you. I wouldn't blame anyone for walking away from such a battle. I find that type of  carry on absolutely disgusting, which is why I have chosen to stay. I can't for a minute, even comprehend how we got to a point where people interact with each other in such ways. I suppose the good thing is I've met a lot of good people over the many months who value the same things I value. The value of truth and the value it enough to fight for it ordinary men and women, ordinary citizens, people who wish to peacefully pursue what is meaningful in their lives, without the threat of force or coercion.



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