A Little Word Of Caution

Joe Biden is a 78 year old man about to take control of a country with more guns than people as it enters a recession of epic proportions. Healthcare and 401k pension funds are on the absolute brink of bankruptcy.

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The Effects Of Ban On Non Essential Goods

Read the real effects from the goverments ban on "Non Essential Goods".Can’t buy pyjamas, slippers etc. for relatives going to hospital or nursing homes. Can’t buy shoes for kids, or a winter coat. What is going on here and why are the majority of TDs saying nothing to challenge these highly questionable activities?

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Unite and Say No!

It’s criminal what our Government are doing to Ireland and it’s people on this day Monday 19th October 2020. These elected politicians, Michael Martin, Leo Varadkar, Eamon Ryan, Mary Lou McDonald, Tony Holahan, Simon Harris, Stephen Donnelly and Paul Reid head of the HSE department, are implementing a level 5 lockdown for six weeks.

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Letter from concerned Doctors and Scientists to the Irish Government

Dear Taoiseach Martin, Tanaiste Varadkar and Minister Donnelly

We, the undersigned would like to recognise the leadership that has been shown this year by many of our scientific and political leaders, as we faced a very uncertain situation in the face of this new virus. Engagement from all sectors of society allowed us to flatten the curve and buy time in the short term. These efforts enabled us to minimise adverse impacts and learn so much about SARS CoV(2) since April 2020.

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My opinion on COVID

I will honestly to the best of my ability share my opinion. I am happy to put up my hand and say I was wrong if what I say turns out to be incorrect.
I believe that there is a coronavirus sweeping the world since the end of last year. The origin of this virus is still unknown. At this stage it doesn’t really matter how it began, it’s how we deal with it that matters.

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I’m not Crazy, I’m desperate

I know all my friends and family and neighbours out there think I’m gone crazy of late and I’ve lost my mind. You might be thinking it’s another breakdown. I can assure you, it’s not a breakdown as my mental health is strong and focused with The help of God. But I am crazy. Those who know me well know that.

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