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Sunday, 08 November 2020 22:58

Joe Biden is a 78 year old man about to take control of a country with more guns than people as it enters a recession...

Thursday, 29 October 2020 16:18

Read the real effects from the goverments ban on "Non Essential Goods".Can’t buy pyjamas, slippers etc. for relatives...

Wednesday, 21 October 2020 22:36

It’s criminal what our Government are doing to Ireland and it’s people on this day Monday 19th October 2020. These...

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Mankind has MADE CONTACT with alien 'Galactic Federation', claims former head of Israel space programme

A FORMER Israeli space programme official has sensationally claimed that aliens are real and that humans have already made contact with them. Haim Eshed, who was head of Israel's space security programme for nearly three decades, claimed that Israel, together with the United States, has been in communication ...

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Why Stephen Donnelly Wants Your Granny Dead

The owners of nursing homes in Ireland benefit financially from earlier elderly deaths, thanks to the Government's corrupt "fair deal" system.

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Luke O'Neill The Vaccine Man Doorstepped And Caught Rapid

The sooner this pseudo-scientific grifter is exposed to the Irish people & the world, the better. Luke O'Neill Doorstepped in Dublin! Quick comic hit on Luke O’Neill the vaccine man. You may remember Luke O’Neill from such classic Irish Government disinformation networks as RTE, and Denis O’Brien’s Newstalk. He’...

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Rural Pubs In Cork Forsaken Once Again By Irish Government

Aontú Rep for Cork North-West, Becky Kealy, has critiqued the government’s continued abandonment of rural pubs, and the return of arbitrary regulations of the pub trade which has already been through so much this year. Ms Kealy said that “In Cork, rural Pubs were waiting in anticipation for the government announc...

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Dept. of Housing Warns Open Border Proposals Will Severely Impact Housing Supply | The Burkean

Amid the targeted mania at abolishing the Republic’s already lenient Direct Provision system, the media-NGO narrative has been temporarily punctured by rather stern comments by the Department of Housing. In response to last month’s Day Report commissioned by the Department …

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Why it’ll still be a long time before we get a coronavirus vaccine | New Scientist

Trials of experimental coronavirus vaccines are already under way, but it’s still likely to be years before one is ready and vaccination may not even be possible

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Ryan Tubridy insists he DIDN'T say F-word during Friday's Toy Show broadcast

THE LATE LATE SHOW host Ryan Tubridy has claimed he didn't drop the F-bomb during an episode of the Toy Show. On Friday's programme, Tubridy was opening a bottle of Fanta - which fizzed up and spilled all over him - when he appeared to mutter a very naughty curse word.

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UK government to propose digital "freedom pass" that allows heavily-tested citizens out in public life

An Orwellian idea of "freedom."

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British Medical Journal Editor Argues “Medical-Political Complex” is Corrupt & Suppressing Science

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has witnessed the suppression of not only science, but a number of prominent scientists and doctors from around the world. These doctors and scientists have shared their research, observations and opinions about COVID-19 that directly contradicts the information given to the c...

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Irish police enforce ban on Mass, threaten priests with jail

COVID-19 rules in Ireland prohibit gatherings for ‘religious or other reasons.’ After being contacted a couple of times by the police, the priest was warned that if he continued to offer public Masses, then police would “apply the full rigours of the law.”

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